Rosenberger Road Bridge Dedication

Milford Township held a ribbon ceremony today to officially announce the opening and dedication of Rosenberger Road bridge. The dedication of the bridge is to honor former Township Supervisor Robert B. Mansfield for his dedication on 27 years serving on the board.

The bridge project lasted a total of 58 days, beginning with the clearing of the tree and ending with the removal of the dam. Once the site was prepped and ready the crew had the task of demolishing the old bridge. A coffer damn had to be installed to bypass the stream. The Public Works Department kept two 6″ pumps running for the length of the project. The stream flooded numerous times due to heavy storms and the coffer dam was removed just before hurricane IDA hit.

A few of the challenges faced with the construction was the depth of theexcavation and the size and hardness of the rock. Once excavation was complete the pre-cast footing were put in place and L&L Crane set the concrete bridge.

The bridge replacement project was completed primarily by township staff with the exception of the paving, completed by Sacks & Sons, manufacture of the bridge completed by Contech and the fabrication and installation of the guiderail which was completed by WM Orr & Sons.

Great work by our Public Works Department and staff for their hard work and attention to detail!


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