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Parks and Open Space

Parks & Open Space

Molasses Creek Park
2175 Krammes Road

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Named after the creek in the woods, Molasses Creek Park is a hidden treasure in full site of major roads. With trails, exercise stations, baseball, soccer, basketball, a climbing wall, handball, beach volleyball, horseshoes, memorial, picnic pavilion, charcoal grills, seasonal bathrooms and various play equipment for all ages, this park is well worth the trip.

Molasses Creek Access

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Unami Creek Park
98 Parkview Dr.
Quakertown, Pennsylvania 18951

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Unami Creek Park is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood but offers lots of fun activities for all age groups.   The 9-hole disk golf was recently refurbished and is suitable for all levels of play.   In 2021 a two-court pickle ball court was installed next to the hockey rink.   The park also offers swing sets, playground equipment,  baseball fields, basketball court, walking trails, and seasonal restrooms.   A new pavilion was also installed in the spring of 2022 which can be rented out for a private party.


Unami Trail

Unami Trailhead Parking

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Unami Trail Access #1

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Unami Trail Access #2

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Unami Trail Access #3

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Unami Trail Access #4

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Barrel Run Trail

Barrel Run Trail Access #1

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Barrel Run Trail Access #2

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Milford Township has invested in a large network of walking trails integrated with our beautiful park and recreation facilities.

Unami Trail

You can’t get there from here, but you have to start some place. Many people envision a trail system to connect us to a distant destination, a vision that can be achieved if approached in coordinated steps within a larger plan. One major step toward a trail system has been the installation of the central portion of the Unami Trail as part of two subdivisions. Starting at a small parking lot on Kumry Road just north of Weisel Road, over a mile and a half of trails wind through the woods and connect the Parkside and Streamview developments. Check it out some time. You might be surprised to find not only a beautiful trail in a serene setting, but other enhancements like a 97 foot “wood” bridge made of weathering steel over the Barrel Run Creed and marble mosaic trail markers embedded in the sidewalks of Streamview.

Unami Watershed

Unami Creek Map

The Unami Watershed is approximately 9,945 acres (15.8 square mile) of mostly contiguous woodlands that includes the Unami Creek and Ridge Valley Creek watersheds. As stated by the Natural Lands Trust, a local conservation group, this watershed is “one of the largest remaining forested landscapes in southeastern Pennsylvania, supporting a vast, interconnected mosaic of relatively natural habitat, with at least 30 patches of forest-interior habitat (30 acres or greater), a series of uncommon diabase woodlands, and over 24 miles of perennial streams, most of which are well buffered by forest”. Distinguished from the gently rolling Brunswick red shale landscape to the north, the Unami has unusually broad forest cover, prominent, diabase ridges and sharply defined valleys. The ecological integrity inherent in this landscape has resulted in an extraordinary combination of unique forest and meadow plant communities, forest-nesting bird species, and high quality streams.

Unami Creek is a tributary to Perkiomen Creek in southeastern Pennsylvania. The stream originates along the border of Bucks and Lehigh Counties northwest of Quakertown and flows in a southerly direction for 15.5 miles to its mouth near Perkiomenville in Montgomery County. The basin drains 48.8 square miles in portions of Bucks, Montgomery, and Lehigh Counties. Townships located in the basin include Milford, West Rockhill, Richland, and Springfield (Bucks County), Marlborough, Salford, and Upper Salford (Montgomery county), and Lower Milford and Upper Saucon (Lehigh County).

The unique combination of ecological factors, and the threat to the Unami Creek Valleys posed by rapidly encroaching suburban development has motivated Natural Lands Trust (NLT) to include this landscape in its list of priority conservation focus areas for southeastern Pennsylvania. The centerpiece of NLT’s involvement in the area is its 108-acre Fulshaw Craeg Preserve, which protects a combination of maturing diabase woodland and rare meadow plant communities along the Ridge Valley Creek. To expand its protection efforts in a focused manner, NLT has preparation of this Unami Creek Valleys Landscape Conservation Plan (LCP).

The LCP provides a summary of the key natural features of the Unami Creek Valleys, the landscape ecology that supports local and regional biodiversity, cultural and historic resources, and current and projected land use and land ownership patterns affecting the area. This information has been compiled using NLT’s Geographic Information System (GIS) database, field visits, and dialogue with local residents and government officials, and the associated text and series of maps are presented in this report. An assessment of threats and stresses facing the area has also been prepared, with a series of strategies outlined to abate some or all of the threats and/or stresses. Finally, a GIS-based analysis of this information has generated a detailed listing of Landscape Conservation Priorities, including parcel-specific identification of critical areas for short-term conservation and longer-term restoration.

Open Space Plan

Milford Township is located in the northwestern corner of Bucks County, surrounding Trumbauersville Borough. The township’s 28 square miles consist of areas of natural resources, active farms, small villages and contemporary suburban development. Milford contains the headwaters of the Unami Creek watershed, a watershed that includes portions of West Rockhill Township, and Marlborough and Salford townships in Montgomery County.

From the crossroads of Route 663 and the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, center city Philadelphia is more than twice the distance than to the center of Allentown. Consequently, there is a strong orientation toward Allentown and the Lehigh Valley. Yet Philadelphia and its suburbs remain a major metropolitan influence with convenient access via Route 309 or Interstate 476 (the “Blue Route”) in combination with the Turnpike. Interstate 78 to the north in the Lehigh Valley has also made for convenient access to northern New Jersey and New York City. The central location of Milford Township and its proximity to major highways provides easy access throughout the region. So, while Milford has retained a desirable open and rural quality, there is considerable demand to convert open space into more intensive land use.

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Water Resources

In 2005 the Natural Lands Trust (NLT) put together a study on the Unami Creek’s water resources. This document outlines the necessity of conserving and maintaining this important ecological system. This document defines the regions and conservation plan. Milford Township takes the preservation of these resources very seriously and works together with surrounding areas in order to maintain this important ecosystem.

Click here for a link to the NLT’s Assessment and Conservation Plan.