Turnpike Update

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is performing construction operations for reconstructing the Northeast Extension between Mileposts 38 and 43 in Milford and West Rockhill Townships, Bucks County and Salford Township, Montgomery County. During recent constructions operations, the Commission’s contractor is installing new bearing piles for new bridges that will carry Turnpike traffic over local roadways; this installation (driving) and equipment requires the contractor to close down the adjacent travel lane for safety, therefore, these operations must be conducted overnight.

The Project Team anticipates six more nighttime operations will occur into the next calendar year; one night falling next week (September 12-16, 2022). Additionally, as the project transitions into the next stage, 6 nights of nighttime pile driving operations are anticipated in 2024 calendar year. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and Project Team understand the disruption these operations can have on our neighbors. The Project Team will continue to coordinate information through the local municipalities and provide advanced notification when nighttime pile driving operations are planned.


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