Milford Township Coronavirus Statement

The Coronavirus Is serious however Milford Township is open for business.

But it is not business as usual. We all must practice new “normal” behavior oriented to stop the spread of communicable disease.

Milford’s Office will remain open for employees only. For the time being, the the office is temporarily closed to visitors. Drop-ins will find locked doors. Limiting access to the Township building will help slow the spread of COVID-19. We encourage business to be conducted by phone 215-536-2090 and e-mail.

Non-essential meetings are cancelled. The Planning Commission meeting on March 25th is cancelled with newly submitted plans being accepted for review. The Supervisors meeting is still planned to be held on April 7th although the virus situation may cause its cancellation.

Practice safe behaviors all of the time. It takes all of us to stop the spread of COVID-19 and other contagion. It is necessary for our entire community to pay attention and make ultra-hygiene the new normal. It is not hard. Use common sense and don’t let your guard down.

We recommend staying up to date with current Coronavirus (COVID-19) information from trusted sources including:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

PA Dept Of Health

The Official Site of Bucks County

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