Milford Township Board of Supervisors’ Agenda

October 3, 2017 - 7:00 pm

         Call to Order

         Approval of Minutes

September 5, 2017

         Financial Reports

Invoices for approval

Treasurer’s Report      


Application of Piracci­ for a Interpretation of section(s) 209 to allow the construction of a 48’ x 64’ (3,072sqft) accessory building, A Variance from 404 H2i to allow the height of the building to be 22’ 6” tall where 18ft. is permitted. Located at 1780 Old Plains Rd. TMP# 23-001-085-001 in the RA Zoning District


1. Bucks County Airport Authority August meeting minutes  

            2. QAPC August 2017 minutes are available for review

3. Estimated State Liquid Fuels allocation for $429,663.89 deposited on March 1, 2018

4. General Municipal Pension System State Aid for $42,652.96 deposited on Sept 27, 2017

5. Vol. Fire Relief Assoc. for $77,034.22 deposited on Sept 25, 2017


Code Enforcement

Public Works

Milford Fire Company

Township Manager  - Emerald Ash Borer – Risk assessment - Budget

      Public Hearing:

          Wassmer on Erdman Rd to be added to Ag Security District

      Land Development:

Naplin Two – 2100 AM Drive Industrial Building Land Development

       Escrow Releases

FSA – Heiba/Cianchetta 1550 Sleepy Hollow Rd Lot 3 – release $5721.75 from In-House escrow

Souder 1550 SHR Lot#4/18 month tree escrow – release $945 from In-House escrow

       Public Comments

Please state your name/address to comply with Sunshine Law


Resolutions for this meeting will start with 2017-30 Next Ordinance is 170