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August 1, 2017 - 7:00 pm

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July 18, 2017

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Milford Zoning Hearing Board mts Tuesday August 8, 2017 to consider the following:

Š      Application of Piracci­ for a Interpretation of section(s) 209 to allow the construction of a 48’ x 64’ (3,072sqft) accessory building, A Variance from 404 H2i to allow the height of the building to be 22’ 6” tall where 18ft. is permitted.  Located at 1780 Old Plains Rd. TMP# 23-001-085-001 in the RA Zoning District.

Š      Application of Cripe for a Special Exception of section(s) 804 to allow the construction of a 18’ x 18’ (324sqft) addition, with a front yard setback of  32ft, where 105ft is required. On a pre-existing non-conforming dwelling along the existing plane. Located at 1731 Fels Rd. TMP# 23-007-080-001 in the RA Zoning District.          

Š      Application of Butler­ for a Special Exception (s) 808, 804 to allow the change of the farmhouse offices to be converted back into a dwelling unit. Also to allow part of the property to be used for a well drilling business and storage of drill trucks and equipment.Located at 2150 Rosedale Rd. TMP# 23-005-098 in the RA Zoning District.


Bucks County Airport Authority June 2017 minutes are available for review

            Quakertown Area Planning Committee minutes are available for review


            Code Enforcement

            Publics Works

Township Manager  - 2016 Recycling Grant Terry needs to advertise Ordinance, 17 Meadow Lane.


      Land Development:

Action St Luke’s Conditional Use and land development

Nichols Farm TMP 23-002-136, 3 lot subdivision on Bauman Road


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Resolutions for this meeting will start with 2017-25 Next Ordinance is 168