Milford Township Board of Supervisors’ Agenda

April 4, 2017 - 7:00 pm

         Call to Order

         Approval of Minutes

1.     March 22, 2017

         Financial Reports

1.     Invoices for approval


1.     No Zoning Hearing Board meeting for the month of April


1.     Bucks County Airport Authority February 2017 minutes available for review

2.     QAPC February 2017 minutes available for review

3.     PSATS 2017 Proposed Resolutions, Bylaws Change

4.    PA State DCED Annual Audit and Financial Report

5.     Milford Township Water Authority 2016 Water Quality Report

6.   Milford Township Fire Hydrant Flushing Notice



1.     Code Enforcement

2.     Public Works

3.     Splash Pad – Allen Clemens

4.     Township Manager –Bid Award for Road Materials, Bucks County Board of Health requesting permission to treat municipal properties for mosquito control.

         Land Developments

1.    McDonalds  Rt663 John Fries Highway TMP #23-010-019         

      Public Hearings:

1.     Conditional Use Hearing  McDonalds TMP #23-010-019 which is a permitted by Conditional Use under Sections 403 and 621 of the Milford Township Zoning Ordinance

2.   An Ordinance Amending the Milford Township Portion of the Quakertown Area           Zoning Ordinance. Ordinance 99 Medical Marijuana Grower/Processor and a Medical Marijuana Dispensary


         Public Comments

Please state your name/address to comply with Sunshine Law


Resolutions for this meeting will start with 2017-16 Next Ordinance is 167