Milford Township Board of SupervisorsÕ Agenda

December 5, 2017 - 7:00 pm

         Call to Order

         Approval of Minutes

November 8, 2017

         Financial Reports

Invoices for approval

TreasurerÕs Report      


No Zoning Hearing for the Month of December



1.     Bucks County Airport Authority October 11, 2017 meeting minutes are available for review

2.   QAPC October 2017 minutes are available for review



Code Enforcement

Public Works

Milford Fire Company

Township Manager  - Styer Associates 2017 Audit confirmation, Andersen Engineering request for 2018 services. Mill Road right of way up-date

ArcheWild Mark Brownlee

Tracy Adams- Crossings Way discussions


Adopt Final 2018 Budget


Land Development:

Whitebread sketch plan TMP 23-002-151 1920 Bauman Road

            Nichols TMP 23-002-136  Bauman Road

Escrow Releases

      Craig Edwards

Public Comments

Please state your name/address to comply with Sunshine Law


Resolutions for this meeting will start with 2017-35 Next Ordinance is 168