Milford Township Board of Supervisors
February 7, 2017 Agenda

Meeting at 7:00


1.         Call to Order


2.         Approval of Jan 3, 2017 Re-organizational meeting and regular meeting minutes


3.         Financial Reports:

(a)            Invoices for approval

(b)           Treasurers report


4.         Announcements:

            Zoning Hearing Board meets Tuesday February 14, 2017

Application of Cornagie for a Special Exception to allow an addition with an extension of a non-conforming front yard setback at 1670 Carvers Hill Rd.


5.         Correspondence:        

(a)        Bucks County Airport Authority December 2016 minutes are available for review

(b)       QAPC Annual Transportation Meeting announcement be held March 14, 2017

(c)        QAPC December 2016 minutes is available for review

(d)       Plumstead Twp Police request for Fire Police - March 18th 2017 for 5 K Run

(e)        Sellersville request Fire police - March 18th 2017 for St. Pattys Day Parade

(f)        Auditor Generals Audit of t Liquid Fuels Tax Fund forms MS-965 for year 2015


6.         Reports:

            (a)        Code Enforcement

            (b)       Public Works

(c)        Township Manager Resolution Authorizing the sale of a Conservation Easement to Bucks on TMP# 23-001-164 and 23-001-164-001.


7.         Land Development

            (a)        Nappan-Sketch Plan- warehouse on Milford Sq. Pk. TMP# 23-15-118 & 118-001

            (b)       Windy Springs Farm/Gambone request waiver on road -TMP# 23-10-100


8.         Escrow Release:

1.      Precision Finishing - escrow release #7 - $24,773.63 - balance of $165,897.62

2.   Kiddie Academy - 18-month Security Agreement


9.         Public Comments- please state your name/address to comply with Sunshine Law     


10.       Adjournment:


Resolutions for this meeting will start with 2017-11    Next Ordinance is 167