Milford Township Board of Supervisors’ Agenda

May 2, 2017 - 7:00 pm

         Call to Order

         Approval of Minutes

1.     March 21, 2017 & April 4, 2017

         Financial Reports

1.     Invoices for approval

2.   Treasurers Report  


1.     No Zoning Hearing Board meeting for the month of April


1.     Bucks County Airport Authority March 2017 minutes available for review

2.     QAPC March 2017 minutes available for review

3.     Borough of Sellersville requesting fire police for Memorial Day Parade

4.    Bucks County Yearly EMS Report



1.     Code Enforcement

2.     Public Works

3.     Township Manager –Annual contribution for volunteer Fire Companies, Senior Center, Carnival and Quakertown Community day donations. Purchase of Trailer, funded from Capital Account . Confirm Ag Daze for September 9, 2017


Life Quest Financial Security Agreement


Escrow Releases

          1.   Penns Grant Naplin Three escrow Release #3 $146080.34 leaving a balance of $0.

          2.   Precision Finishing escrow Release  #8 $7,407.00 leaving a balance of $158,490.62



      Public Hearings:

1.   An Ordinance Amending the Milford Township Portion of the Quakertown Area           Zoning Ordinance. Ordinance 99 Medical Marijuana Grower/Processor and a Medical Marijuana Dispensary


         Public Comments

Please state your name/address to comply with Sunshine Law


Resolutions for this meeting will start with 2017-17 Next Ordinance is 167