Environment • Riparian Buffers

A riparian buffer is an area around a stream populated with vegetation such as trees and shrubbery, which helps to increase water quality and reduce pollution.

These buffers are an important part of the Unami Water Basin, of which a large part of the waterways run through Milford Township. These buffers accept water run-off from impervious surfaces (driveways, roadways, houses), pesticides from local agriculture, sediment from nearby populated areas, and other pollutants that can interfere with the waterway. The vegetation in the buffer creates a biological filter to help remove nitrates from water run-off. Trees also provide shade for the stream in order to reduce the temperature of the waterway and prevent thermal "pollution" which can kill the fish.

Milford Township strives to maintain and, in some cases, build these buffers in order to keep the local waterways clean and free from contamination.

Riparian Buffer