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The April 17th Supervisors' meeting has been cancelled

The Milford Township Water Authority will be conducting annual hydrant flushing that can cause sediment to be in your water. Click here for the schedule and tips.

Click here for tips to weather the heavy snows


Turnpike Reconstruction Project Link

The Spotted Laternfly has been detected in Milford Township. We are now included in the quarantine area. The hatch has begun. Click here to learn more.



The Upper Ridge Road Bridge over the Unami Creek is being re-evaluated to include a pedestrian crossing

Upper Ridge Road Bridge Location

Upper Ridge Road Bridge Project

Anyone traveling south on the Northeast Extension of the PA Turnpike is well aware of the widening project that is continuiing in our direction. Plans are now being developed to replace bridges and reconfigure the turnpike interchange. Milford officials and residents are working with the design team to find best alternatives.

One great concern is the impact of the current design on the immediately adjacent residences of Spinnerstown Crossing as seen below.

Quakertown Exit

Local Tax Return is Due April 18 - click here

Salt Storage Building Completed

Salt Storage

During past brutal winters, road salt supplies ran out in many areas of the Northeastern United States including Milford Township. That was when planning began to be able to store a year's worth of salt.

Our salt building was designed using 16 foot tall precast concrete sections that can withstand the pressures created by loaders pushing salt. The top section is typical pole building construction using trusses for the roof.

Soon over 2,000 tons of salt was stocked. And just in time for 2014-15's brutal winter that nearly drained our supply.

Salt Storage

The 2017-18 season is upon us and we are ready.

Current Financial Statement (2015 audit will soon be complete)

2015 Budget

2014 Budget

Real Estate and Earned Income Tax Collection Information

If you would like to receive approved minutes by e-mail, please call 215-536-2090 to be placed on the list.

Emerald Ash Borer

We are preparing for what looks like unavoidable devastation of Ash trees in our region. The Emerald Ash Borer is already here and tree experts say it is not a matter of IF the Ash will die, but when. The prediction is that most of our Ash trees will die in the next three to five years.

Milford is identifying trees that will become hazards and evaluating specimen trees that may justify treatment. We urge our residents to consider what impact this scourge could have. Look at trees close to houses or activity areas and determine if they Ashes. Once they show signs of dying, they will quickly reach a stage where they will be hazardous and more expensive to remove. Explore treatment options

2016 is a year to closely monitor the effects we are now seeing.

Emerald Ash Borer

Pavilion Rentals

Rental Cost:
$35 - Resident for Unami Park Pavilion
$35 - Non-Resident for Unami Park Pavilion

$50 - Resident for Molasses Creek Park Pavilion
$75 - Non-Resident for Molasses Creek Park Pavilion