Building Permits

Most construction in Milford Township is required to have a permit issued and be inspected and approved by the Code Enforcement Officer. This is in order to ensure the adopted construction standards are met.

Residential Building & Zoning Permit
Needed for construction of all homes, additions & new structures.

Commercial Building & Zoning Permit
Deck Permit
Fence Permit
For fences 6ft and over.
Pool/Hot tub Permit
Sign Permit
Mechanical Permit
Plumbing Permit
Demolition Permit
Logging Permit
Use & Occupancy Inspection Application
This must be picked up at the Township building its property specific.
Use and Occupancy for Rentals
For any changes of tenants in rental units
Use and Occupancy for Re-sales
For sales of existing houses
Use and Occupancy for Businesses
For sales or tenant changes of businesses
Conditional Use Application
Zoning Hearing Board Application
Complaint Form