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Milford Township’s 2017 budget provides for all on-going governmental operations plus numerous public works projects without any tax increases. This budget provides for maintenance of roads, bridges, parks and buildings as well as snow and ice control.

The 2017 budget includes a number of funds.

$2,324,327 General Fund,

$419,846 State Fund,

$120,000 Capital Fund,

$230,000 Traffic Fund

$175,000 Recreation Fund

$1,842,088 Open Space Fund

This is a balanced budget where General Fund expenses do not exceed revenues. Taxes will not be raised. The current local income tax rate for Milford Township is 1.75%. Of that, 1% goes to the Quakertown Community School District, and .75% is used by Milford Township (0.5% General Fund, 0.25% Open Space). The current real estate millage rate for Milford Township is 2 mills (1.25 mils is distributed as Fire Tax to the fire companies plus additional fire contributions are made from the General Fund and Fire Relief Funds are distributed to the companies). Expenses do not exceed revenue sources and adequate reserve balances are projected.

In the past few years with a slow economy, Milford Township has spent down reserves to continue an aggressive capital program of road reconstruction such as Mill Road reconstruction and Canary Road overlay as well as other public works improvements. 2017 will have a more narrow focus towards specific improvements such as base repairs on Sleepy Hollow Road, widening of Kepier Road, Weiss Road bridge replacement and potentially Rosenberger Road bridge replacement.

Improvements are planned for Milford’s Park System. Trail work will be done on the Parkside and Molasses Creek trails. Pickleball courts will be installed in Milford Square Estates. A new pavilion and expanded parking will be pursued and planning for a Splash Pad will be advanced.

Rotation of major equipment will be continued with the replacement of a loader, skid steer and 25 ton trailer. Buildings will be maintained with additional provisions to replace the Public Works Building heater, put siding on a storage barn, and replace a large overhead door.

Major capital items include the replacement of two pick-up trucks with snow plows and a small dump truck. Work will continue on the storm basin on Sleepy Hollow Road with related storm piping. The budget also provides for rehabilitation of two township owned farmhouses and the demolition of cabins adjoining the Unami Creek. and two major road reconstruction projects.

Top priority for road reconstruction has been given to the rebuilding and realignment of Weiss Road from Progress Drive to Wentz Road. This road is rapidly deteriorating to an extent that routine maintenance is no longer possible. Engineering was completed to avoid mature street trees and utility poles while reducing severity of curves and alleviating stormwater problems. The second priority is reconstruction of Mill Road west of Portzer Road. In addition, attention will be given to the Rosenberger Road bridge.

The township has realized saving from the reissuance of open space bonds in 2014 that has saved over $300,000 over the life of the bond series. In subsequent years, Milford serviced the bond while reserves were replenished. In 2016, Milford established a $5 million line of credit and aquired seceral major properties including the Blough farrm and the Heimbach farm).

Budget chart