Board & Meetings • Agriculture Advisory Board

The agriculture advisory board is established by the board of supervisors to advise them on applications made by township residents who wish to have their property be an Agriculture Security Area as it pertains to farmland preservation pursuant to the PA Agriculture Area Security Law.
Under the act an Agriculture Security Area is defined as:
 ASA—Agricultural security area—A unit of 250 or more acres used for the agricultural production of crops, livestock or livestock products under the ownership of one or more persons and one of the following applies:
     (i) The land has been designated as such by the procedures in the act.
     (ii) The land has been designated as such under the act of January 19, 1968 (1967 P. L. 992, No. 442) (32 P. S. § § 5001—5012), entitled ''An act authorizing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the counties thereof to preserve, acquire or hold land for open space uses,'' prior to February 12, 1989, by the governing body of the county or governing body of the municipality in which the agricultural land is located on the basis of criteria and procedures which predate February 12, 1989, and which was not withdrawn from the ASA by August 10, 1989, by the owner providing written notice of withdrawal to the county governing body or governing body of the municipality in which the land is located.

Thomas Courduff, Chairman (Governing Body)
Lester Weisel (Farmer)
Kevin Willauer (Farmer)
Paul Longacre (Farmer)
Walter Orlowski (Farmer)
Terry Landes (Citizen)

Agriculture Security Handbook
Agricultural Security Map